About Our Company

Return On Web (ROW) is a fully integrated online marketing & technology firm. We work with our clients to build long-term relationships with their digitally savvy consumers.

  • We help organizations to drive better decision-making.
  • We help organizations around the world enable more effective collaboration.
  • We help organizations & Individuals to capture new kinds of value from Social Media.
  • We help our clients achieve the key imperatives most critical for their businesses today.
  • We drive digital strategies focused on growing revenue based on Pay Per Performance (PPP) model.

ROW is all geared up to face digital media shift. We as a company do a broad range of integrated work for our clients, from Design, above-the-line Advertising, Analytics, Technology, UI and Product management, Social listening and buzz analytics to re-building their websites to on-going Facebook engagement, Video creation, Distribution and Mobile Application development - in addition to paid search, optimization, display advertising and digital media planning.


Our Clients are Our Evangelists.

Our Happy Customers from around the world.

At Return on Web (ROW), return isn't just an end goal, it's an all-consuming passion.

It's a talented and agile team that eats, sleeps and drinks all things digital. A team always looking for creative ways to build brands, to drive more website visitors, to generate more sales and squeeze more money out of every digital pound. And it's the desire to constantly search for new insights and opportunities for you to exploit in this ever-changing digital landscape.

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