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  • How An Indian Startup Company Bootstrapping Its Way To Success

    Posted by ROW Blog Team on 24 November, 2016

    Five years ago, a young Indian magnate, Varun Patel, launched its company ROW (Return On Web) to offer innovative web marketing solutions to businesses all across the world. His audacious vision was to help transform the most groundbreaking and thought-provoking ideas into reality....

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  • Why Xamarin Makes More Sense For Mobile App Development

    Posted by ROW Blog Team on 16 November, 2016

    In today’s tech world, businesses ranging from Fortune 500 to influential startups need extremely powerful and matchless mobile apps for success on both business and economic front. All thanks to the swift and fast growth of app development sector....

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  • The Most Important Things That I’ve Learned about Leadership

    Posted by ROW Blog Team on 10 November, 2016

    "Can leadership really be learned? In my experience, the answer is surely YES. – “if our actions inspire people to aspire more, learn more, do more and become an exceptional performer YOU ARE A TRUE LEADER.” Leadership is something we have to work on. Here in this blog I have mentioned some important things that I found invaluable in my journey as an entrepreneur and a leader." ~ by Varun Patel (CEO ROW).

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  • Will Augmented Reality Dominate The Future?

    Posted by ROW Blog Team on 26 September, 2016

    In the past few years, virtual reality has earned a lot of reputation. It has immersed millions of users by making them feel like they are experiencing an imaginary reality for gaming, entertainment, 3D movies and more. At present, augmented reality is striving hard to make its way in the market place....

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  • Can’t-Miss Predictions About The Future of Big Data

    Posted by ROW Blog Team on 17 September, 2016

    Big data – Whether you call this term data analytics or business intelligence, it doesn’t really matter that much. What actually matters is that we can now gather and analyze huge data in smart ways that wasn’t possible a few years ago....

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