Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience

Does Your Experience Follow Your Customers?

By harnessing the power of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), our mobile content management team helps you establish a technology foundation to manage web and mobile apps from one location, ensuring that the content is responsive & unified across every customer touch point.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Mobile

When it comes to building, maintaining and deploying mobile apps, marketers and developers often work in silos. AEM Mobile makes it easier for marketers to manage mobile app content without relying on developers for help. ROW works closely with Adobe team to support their strategy, design and implementation of the mobile platform.

Feature-Filled App Platform

By combining all of these technologies into a single platform, Adobe has a mobile app platform with unparalleled features, delivering flexibility and ease of use. Managing content for your mobile apps will no longer be separate from the rest of your digital marketing, giving you the ability to measure and promote it across all digital channels. We’ll work with you to find the possibilities offered by AEM Mobile, so you can build and maintain more apps and derive more value & value out of your investment in mobile platforms.

Seven Technologies, One Powerful Tool

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Mobile is composed of different technologies, including AEM, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe PhoneGap, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Each of these solutions are deeply integrated in the platform to deliver a seamless mobile app publishing experience.

Benefits include:

  • Easy & quick maintenance of mobile app content
  • Publish apps across all mobile platforms
  • Intuitive & engaging interface to author content and manage digital assets
  • Quick and easy measurement of all mobile interactions
  • Deliver dynamic content across mobile platforms