Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Return Is... Developed Scalable e-commerce Website

The Client

Mission Statement is a fashion brand that merges the boundary between high fashion and high performance. Offering elegant clothes that embody and future that higher purpose the clothes allow the consumer to find that perfect balance of movement while working out, in the office, resting or playing. This e-commerce platform houses a line of clothing that meets the needs of women’s multifaceted lives.

Digital Campaign Objectives

Mission Statement needed a breathtaking experience to engage consumers through a rich and responsive e-commerce website. The site needed to be scalable and intuitive for customers with high-tech functionality. Finally, the website needed to be developed optimized for mobile devices.


o Introducing brand new fashion brand in a crowded market and defining a new vertical: High-Fashion with High-Performance

oDevelop scalable website that can scale as the brand launches and matures.

o Create a platform that is shoppable and informational about empowered women.


ROW team provided a full service solution by designing and developing a robust e-commerce platform. The website was coded in .NET, Angular JS, HTML5, and CSS 3. ROW has continue to support Mission Statement post launch to ensure consumers are having a positive shopping experience.