Mobile solutions and Strategies to engage your clients and workforce

Enterprise Mobility

Smartphone and Mobile Application DevelopmentSmartphones and tablet computing have led to new business opportunities, such as personalized services to customers and streamlined internal communications. Companies that provide mobile communication options for their consumers, employees, or business clients are better able to grow their revenues.

Mobile technology provides a range of advantages:

  • A consistent experience, across different device form factors
  • Simpler user interfaces lower training and support costs
  • Networked, real-time information access, from anywhere

whether it is a salesperson looking up pricing, a purchasing agent seeking product information, or an engineering manager reviewing process yields.

Mobile applications can help your employees be more productive by empowering them with the information they need in the field or on-demand or by empowering your customers to connect with your services using their smartphones at any time.

ROW has assembled a team of business developers with advanced technology skills and extensive experience building custom mobile applications across a variety of mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, Windows and Blackberry. The technical approaches that can be taken include platform-specific software development kits (SDK’s) for iOS ( iPhone and iPad) or Android; cross-platform approaches relying on HTML5; and conversion tools like Flex, Codiqua, and Phonegap. The optimal choice will depend on user interface needs, consideration of the need to work across multiple platforms, and the kind of enterprise integration required.

With our knowledge of ever-changing technology tools and developing industry best practices, ROW designs and implements cost-effective enterprise mobile solutions. Our goal is to unlock your business potential, which may be measured in new revenues, higher productivity, new markets, or greater market penetration.

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Service Focus

  • Mobile Application Development

    Custom, pre-packaged, and hosted applications. These can be on client-operated servers or cloud-based, with support for all leading high-level operating systems and cloud platforms.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Our extensive experience designing and deploying mobile-based marketing allows us to create cost-effective applications that help organizations promote their products and services quickly and efficiently.

  • Mobile Strategies

    Mobile strategies can create added value to benefit businesses and consumers. The need is to gain maximum benefit from the mobile technologies.

Case Study

To achieve the targeted task of increasing revenue and building loyalty programs for customers,
we put the best of our technological expertise to deliver the right product to you

Return On Web has consistently delivered exceptional service to our company when it comes to IT Services or developing Applications for our contests.

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