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Data Analytics & Visualization

Gain Valuable Data Insights

We think data is worthless without proper analysis and visualization. With this in mind, ROW offers data analysis and visualization services to help you gain valuable insights and take powerful decisions to attain your business goals. Our process not only helps to identify key performance indicators for a given business but also helps your business to gain competitive edge over the others. Whether we talk about small businesses or established businesses, our data analysis and visualization help them attain huge ROIs, their business goals, customer satisfaction, and more.

ROW provides a simple, collaborative, and spontaneous path to visually interact with data to crack complex business problems. We allow shared data analysis and visualization at any level from billions of rows of data to real time streams in fraction of a second. Our goal is to provide instant insight into how users interact with your brand and products, to improve overall growth, monetization, and more.

Our Services include:
Capture & analyze data
Real-time data insights
End-to-end solutions
Custom visualization

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Service Focus

  • Data Visualization

    A major challenge for businesses today is to present information in a format that is intelligible and helpful in decision-making. We can help you choose and configure technological tools to better comprehend business data. Static reports in a recurring format can be used for routine decision making. Alternatively, visualization of real-time data can help managers perform strategic assessments on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Data Analytics

    Data analytics software empowers organizations to mine data for relationships and trends. Through advanced analytics, business leaders can identify patterns in consumer behavior, assess market developments, and predict future results.

  • Data Warehousing

    Our data warehousing solution encompasses the entire data life cycle — from data collection to archiving. ROW offers scalable and durable data integration practices for efficient and cost-effective movement of data among departments.

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ROW completely gets what we are looking for and they go above & beyond to meet our deadlines and business objectives...

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