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Custom Software Development

Smartphone and Mobile Application DevelopmentCustom software has become a leading source of competitive advantage for companies of all sizes. Over the last five years, the economics of software development have made it possible even for small businesses to benefit from a custom software project.

In the past, an off-the-shelf software was seen as the most economical way for a company to acquire software. Off-the-shelf solutions, however have heavy marketing costs that erode their cost advantage. Because they serve a broad audience, they can be bloated with features many companies will not use but have to pay for.

The cost advantage of an off-the-shelf software or SaaS platform become expensive as the number of users increase. Most importantly, off-the-shelf applications only addressed common problems, whereas your unique challenge still remains a roadblock.

Happily, now the cost of developing and supporting a purpose-built custom software application can be less than the cost of licensing commercially available software. In addition, with outsourcing from ROW an integrated team of business analysts and software developers can develop a custom business application at less than half the cost of attempting the project with in-house personnel.

With ROW you will have a highly reliable team of proven capability; a team that has expertise in crafting business success for countless enterprises. Our software development outsourcing services allow you to implement solutions within your organization, using the right technology platforms, solving your unique business challenges.

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Service Focus

  • Application Maintenance

    ROW provides maintenance on business applications by making modifications that may be needed over time. The changes may enhance performance, update workflows, or upgrade user interface options (UI/UX).

  • Application Management

    ROW’s day-to-day oversight of business applications helps to ensure reliability, security, and high application performance. ROW’s dedicated technical support team focuses on managing data backups, monitoring performance, and providing real-time trouble-shooting.

  • Data Analytic & Information Management

    How well a company manages its data resources is a core factor that differentiates successful organizations from the rest.ROW’s data management professionals can advise your business on the best way to collect and analyze data, organize and present it, and facilitate access to it, while maintaining a high degree of security.

  • Product Engineering

    Organizations in fast-developing markets rely more and more on advances in technology to maintain their market position and to improve market share and profitability. ROW is constantly reviewing new technologies and advising its customers about how best to integrate them with their existing systems.

  • Application Modernization

    ROW’s advanced migration processes help businesses efficiently re-platform legacy solutions to modern, supportable, and better performing environments.

  • Application Development

    ROW software solutions empower businesses to reach more customers, connect information assets, and achieve new efficiencies.

Case Study

To achieve the targeted task of increasing revenue and building loyalty programs for customers,
we put the best of our technological expertise to deliver the right product to you

ROW is by far the best I have worked with. Your team is not only knowledgeable, skilled and competent...

Liam SavageCreative Lead, OneHope