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Vardaan Realty

Return Is... 5% Sales Conversion Rate Achieved in a modest Time

The Client

From being a largely unorganised sector in the past, real estate sector in Pune is steadily transforming over the years to become a more structured one. Vardaan Realty is one of the most distinguished and accomplished full-service real estate providers as they consider quality is a product of hard work putted-in every step that follows.

Vardaan Realty continues to evolve, embracing new technologies and direction while remaining true to the ideal that has carried them to prominence. They thrive on delighting the customers and society by bestowing excellence in quality designs, construction and maintenance.

Digital Campaign Objectives

Vardaan Realty wanted to know about what’s the new trend for digitally penetration into the market and was curious to know the importance of dynamism of real estate sector since it is considered to be the game changer.

o Vardaan Realty was to grow its online business to reach customers who were searching to buy new assets and weren’t familiar with their brand name.

o Vardaan Realty signed up for Return on Web for Internet Marketing program that is specifically tailored to each client’s business needs.

o The Vardaan Realty group sought to promote their brand and different projects such as Zen Business Center, Residential Imperium and Vedanta and advance their ranking in major search engine results, and boost their web authority within the real estate competitors in Pune.

o To Increase awareness and make the brand visible online of residential and business center projects.

o To Increase Facebook Likes and engagement level through organic and paid campaigns for Vedanta project.

o To create maximum enquiries of potential buyers for various projects by application of target specific PPC and FB advertising strategies.

o Drive potential traffic in the website and micro-sites of the projects like Zen Business Center, Residential Imperium and Vedanta.

o Vardaan Realty wanted to improve their brand equity to boost their lead volume and focus on ongoing improvement rather than one-time engagements that won’t have long lasting effects.


The Vardaan Realty learned that there could be business expansion of the real estate segment after viewing a presentation by ROW team. They needed a digital strategy that would be an active part of their marketing efforts, not a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

o ROW team believes that the cornerstone of every success is intensive planning, we immediately began ongoing keyword research and a Google Analytics campaign to track the client’s progress.

oFew digital marketing strategies suggested by Return on Web are listed below:

o Augmented fan base by running a viral marketing campaign on Facebook.

o Execute a prolific Search Engine and Social media marketing exercise.

o Powerful content strategy was created to produce high visibility for the primary target segment.

o Develop project specific micro site to convert maximum traffic into enquiries.

o Different creative campaigns by ROW that helped to sell Residential Imperium, Zen Business Center and Vedanta. It helped the Vardaan group to reach the target audience effectively and sell them to make a business profit out of it.

o Established an effective online presence of Vardaan Realty in real estate sector.

o Large scale keyword discovery, search volume and competition analysis in the real estate sector.

o We helped them to attract links from other real estate specific websites, local associations and directories to help build credibility for their corporate website.

Digital Campaign Outreach

o Since associating with ROW, the analytics have shown an undeniable leap forward from their previous traffic. Mentioned are some facts after ROW came into picture:

o Achieved conversion rate by 5% in all the campaigns.

o Increase in website traffic by 115% in the three months of the campaign.

o Increased the site re-visits by 63%.

o Vardaan Projects like Residential Imperium, Zen Business Center and Vedanta were sold effectively with complete support of ROW team.

o Achieved highest Google impression share of 43 % leaving other competitors behind.

o Achieved the most competitive CPC of Rs. 25 i.e. lowest cost per click in the real estate industry.

o Got the click through rate (CTR) of 2.5%

o These changes have helped to increase the time customers spend on their website for a long time, and keeping visitors engaged, informed and happy.

o Because of ROW’s enrolment in the online marketing program, Vardaan Realty site began to pump out qualified leads for them to follow up on. Over the course of time they were able to generate more leads and make a profitable business out of it.