Return Is... Increase In High- Quality Traffic By 120 %

The Client

SIMS was established in 1993, under a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Defence and the Symbiosis International University (SIU) primarily to enable defence personnel and their dependants to pursue management education. In recent years SIMS and many educational institutes in India have increased investments in their brand image in order to maintain their competitiveness in the market.

Educational institutes looking forward to tap into this market can no longer just rely on conventional marketing procedures, which are getting outdated with each passing day.

Digital Campaign Objectives

o Create successful, all device compatible and user-centric website and online campaigns to reach out to global audience and integrate it with social media.

o Develop a library portal for the Institute and generate interest for PG Development Studies that reduces the gap between library and students of SIMS.

o Develop a webpage for placement portal to break the clutter around MBA institutes and portray SIMS a unique institute. This helped to reduce gap between recruiters, college and students.

o Build a platform for alumni portal, build influential web presence and connect with brand evangelists.

o Content generation tactic and frequency based on content category type, content objective & content channel. Content is optimized on content performance and delivered a smarter brand experience.


o ROW team developed a high performance website with customised version of .net content management system. The website showcases the extensive catalogues of SIMS and makes it possible for visitors to access and explore different features to SIMS official website.

o The front end was made responsive, ensuring visitors received a uniform view, irrespective of the mobile device or desktop computer they used to view the website.

o ROW ensured that SIMS website can manage online access in a hassle-free manner with Dot Net Framework, Jquery, CSS, HTML5 and SQL Server 2012. What ROW did?

o Created write-up on the institute and their services

o Securing, analysing and tactfully organising the diverse and unorganized data obtained from the library team to create an effective library portal.

o Skilful engagement of placement companies through thoughtful creation of a strategic Placement portal and integrate it with social media and corporate website.

o Creating a functional, streamlined and well designed all devices compatible website to attract relevant traffic to the site. Develop a website design & UI/UX is chosen keeping in mind the youth target audience.

o Encourage maximum engagement of potential Alumni through a well-planned customised Alumni Portal.

o Websites were developed quickly in 3 - 4 weeks and improve marketing efficiency via automation, information, strong content and cross channel integration

o ROW web team launched several parts of the website as an interim solution, but a complete new look and feel was imperative to effectively tell the SIMS story.

Digital Campaign Outreach

o The website is able to handle large amounts of traffic. It allows visitors to browse the extensive catalogues of SIMS and can access information securely through the site.

o ROW helped to stream the registration process through different portals of SIMS and made it easy for the institute to keep track of all information about applicants.

o The website is fully responsive with social integration and a new feeds section that creatively pulls into one place the many ways SIMS is telling its story.

o SIMS was satisfied with the way the website simplified administration tasks for them, while enticing visitors to browse. Also SIMS was delighted with the way team ROW delivered a smooth service by developing different portals and SIMS website in short span of time.

o This is what they had to say, “This project would not have been possible without ROW’s great commitment”. ROW's creativeness and ability to push the boundaries of development was the clincher for SIMS institute.