Return Is... All-in-one agenda, mail, Internet, contacts.

The Client

Symbiosis Center For Media and Communication popularly known as SCMC is the premier institute for pure-play Media & Communication which nurtures talents in the area of producing media content and developing future leaders for managing creative businesses.

Ranked as India’s Best Mass Communication College by the annual surveys for India Today & Nielsen Company in 2013, 2014& 2015.


SCMC wanted to keep a track & record of ongoing activities of college but unfortunately they weren’t able to communicate effectively among the staff, faculties and students. Excel sheets were maintained which had to be replaced by a friendly mobile app. Few features that should be introduced in mobile app were as follows:

o Attendance system accessible to faculties, students and guardians of students.

o Performance Reports of students

o Exam Schedule set by faculties

o Semester wise time table

o New updates on events and workshops


The mobile app for SCMC is launched and ready to use, it will help students and faculty staff to access and manage the attendance system, schedule and view the exam timetable, and keep a track of the performance reports of various batches of students for their respective semesters.

o Mobile Apps help parents to know progress of their children studying at SCMC.

o Check e-mail everywhere, easy to use and read.

o Use the mobile app via internet wherever you are.

o Better education system for all time and in entertaining way – students can learn more.

o Good-quality screen and size.

o College study material, useful for making notes, highlighting passages.

o Easy to use.

o All-in-one agenda, mail, Internet, contacts.

o Be a smart teacher by managing your class in smart way through amazing mobile apps

The SCMC mobile app project has made the first steps to implement, test, and deploy mobile learning. The project has generated technical and education expertise on mobile learning in the specific domain of mobile development technology. Teacher and student panels have extensively evaluated the app based on mobile technologies implemented and have provided positive feedback.

The mobility dimension changes the relevance of the educational materials various parts; student’s attention span, the focus of their education effort; and their attitude balance toward reading, experimenting, interacting, and communicating. But mobile tools immediacy also offers new communication opportunities that student and faculty staff especially the youngest one have already adopted. Over all, there is a growing recognition that the weakest spot in computer-based learning remains the communication and community dimension. This concern can find potential answers in wireless and mobile learning.