Return Is... Increase In Sales, Leads And Customer Life Time Value

The Client

The Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) is an integral part of the University, providing leadership and support to internationalize the campus and the curricula. Students and faculty are provided with opportunities to pursue their international academic interests to the fullest, be it through academic exchanges, or exposure to international conferences, seminars, workshops, and other resources. International students from over 85 countries pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Symbiosis.

This Case Study outlines how Return on Web helped SCIE in delivering a Smarter Brand Experience through the creation of a smart, user friendly and successful website.

Digital Campaign Objectives

o To provide an international look and feel catering to young international audience

o To create a successful website that is also all devices compatible improving customer experience

o To create a close association between the existing & potential national/international students and the college

o To increase frequency of website visits by potential students

o To communicate the grandeur, career opportunities and the relevance to its potential mobile savvy, youthful and international student audience and thereby improve leads generation

o To Build brand equity and drive profitable volume


o First part in the strategy was to define a clear purpose for the website, identifying and understand the needs of the site visitors

o Creating a relevant, user-centric and content rich website which will act as the perfect investment for SCIE

o Incorporating usability standards in the overall design to create a successful, effective, and engaging online presence

o Creating a website which is mobile responsive and all device compatible at the same time

o Improve marketing efficiency via automation, information and cross channel integration

o Deliver insights that can optimise promotion effectiveness and leads optimisation

Digital Campaign Outreach

o Enhancement in International Student Engagement.

o Increase in sales, leads and customer life time value

o Increase in engagement of mobile-savvy users.

o Increase in relevant site traffic by30%

o 20% increase in SCIE enquiries due to expanded brand reach