Return Is... implemented third party credit card authentication gateway in OTA

The Client

Online Travel Agency a.k.a. OTA is an online travel portal that lets you book hotels, flights, trains, etc. online. Basically, it is an e-commerce website for travel and vacations. The best thing about OTAs is the sheer comfort and convenience while booking your holiday online The client is leading online travel company founded in year 2010..

They provide best range of travel packages and best value products. The client is currently catering wide range of customers domestic and overseas


This product provides online booking solutions for flight and hotel reservations

o Core POS system

o Flights – The portal provides flight tickets for travel in all major domestic, international as well as low-cost carriers operating in India.

o Hotels and Packages (Holidays) - The portal offers hotel reservations in India and international cities alike. There are over 13,000 hotels and guesthouses in India that can be searched and compared online on the website. The hotels range from luxury to budget accommodations. Product Modules includes

o Domestic flight search and booking

o International flight search and booking

o Domestic Hotel reservations

o International Hotel reservations

o Reporting engine for technical support

o Cancellation module

o Reservation modification module

Product Features

o Flexible search capabilities enable quick retrieval of flights and hotel results

o Search result display for national and international flights

o Cancellation policy checks along with runtime flight booking availability

o Search result display for national and international hotels.

o Direct e-mail of reservation and hotel information to guests.

o Availability information for all hotel rooms along with multiple room pictures

o Average room rates on weekly and monthly calendar.

o Shortcut keys, drop-down menus, and screen icons provide for easy and fluid navigation.

o One-click generation of pre-close, end of day, and new day reports.

o Custom cancellation and reservation modification.

o Third party payment gateway integrations along with PCI-DSS compliance.

o Slice and dice reports to check region based, flight based, revenue earned reporting

o Automatic or manual report emails along with on report edit functionality.


o ROW has worked on the Online travel portal system for our client

o ROW has implemented mechanism for searching, reservation booking, Domestic and internal flights booking, Multi-room booking, group reservation, Cross-Property Booking etc. via online portal.

o ROW has implemented mechanism for modification and cancellation of reservations via online portal.

o ROW has implemented third party credit card authentication gateway in OTA

o ROW has consumed various data aggregation points to combine into single interface

o ROW has created plug and play model to support any global inventory aggregator by the inclusion of vendor specific interface.

o ROW has implemented the Admin module, which provides the powerful reporting includes region based, flights type, hotel types etc

o ROW has consumed SOAP and restful JSON API’s