Le Meridien

Le Meridien

Return Is... 2,823,300 Visits Over Last 30 Days Of Campaign

The Client

Le Meridien is a global hotel group. It has a portfolio of more than 100+ luxury and upscale hotels in over 50 countries worldwide.Guests discover more than just a new destination. They discover a new way of seeing things The majority of its properties are located in the world's top cities and resorts throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

This case study outlines how ROW helped Le Meridien to establish its hold over the Social Media platform.

Digital Campaign Objectives

o Le MERIDIEN wanted to maintain, a positive brand aura.

o Create successful online campaigns to reach out to potential audience.

o Augmenting overall fan base by running a viral marketing program along with online contest.

o Le MERIDIEN wanted to make a micro-website that is also all devices compatible improving customer experience .

o To promote Le MERIDIEN on social media platform like Facebook .


o Updates on current events/F&B/ Restaurants /Festivals/News etc.

o Posting regular, varied and creative content on the wall that encourages a two-way advertising on Facebook.

o Altering content strategy based on fans comments, likes and dislikes.

o The Le Meridien page incorporated great videos, varied content, and had active engagement with the fans.

o Sending wishes on Birthday, festivals, Congratulations and Thank you note Freebie to the active user of the month.

o Target email and mobile marketing at Pune & other databases for projects with Prelaunch or Post launch campaigns that talks about natural beauty to users and helps to connect with them.

Digital Campaign Outreach

o Fan Base Increase-12,000 fans in the period of 30 days.

o Increase in site visitors-20% in website traffic.

o Le Meridien estimated 2,823,300 visits over last 30 days of campaign.

o 90% increase in facebook user count.

o Customer delight increased by 75%.

o Relevance & engagement :Engaged audience is ten times more likely to visit.