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Karia Developers

Return Is... Increase In Site Traffic By 120%

The Client

Riding high on the back of rapid urbanisation, positive demographics and increasing income levels, the Indian real estate sector has fascinated important investment over the past few years. Established in 1983, Karia developers are considered to be one of the best real estate developers in Pune has gained a high market presence over last few decades.

They have earned the trust of their clients through strong work ethics, transparency in operations, and our non-discriminatory, fixed rate policy. Wagholi, located on the Pune-Nagar Highway has been enjoying rapid development in terms of real estate, social infrastructure and education sectors.

Digital Campaign Objectives

Wagholi has witnessed considerable infrastructure development since its proximity to the Kharadi IT hub has led to the development of a number of malls, shopping centres, hotels and multiplexes in its vicinity. For people wanting to invest, well known Karia Developers have made their presence felt.

o With a number of developing residential projects in both the affordable and premium categories, buyers are spoilt for choice. Under the brand name Konark, Karia developers have undertaken different projects such as Konark Eureka, Konark Classic, Konark Elegance, Konark Icon, Konark Vista and Avenue 9 that maintained a legacy being a top notch property firm amongst the different competitors in the market.

o Responding to an increasingly well-informed consumer base and, bearing in mind the aspect of expansion, Karia developers have shifted gears and accepted fresh challenges.

o With customers in dozens of areas and a highly distributed workforce to service industry, Karia Developers needs to stay nimble when it comes to its reputation.

o The company required a cost effective digital marketing solution for real estate that will allow them to easily penetrate into the minds of customers considering the development of Wagholi area and also spread the awareness for Konark and Avenue 9 projects under the Karia developers. It will also help them to come in the list of top 10 real estate competitors in Pune.


Since Karia Developers needs to continue this growth and exploit its potential to its fullest so as to make the percentage growth rate sustainable, ReturnOnWeb comes into picture where it provides different digital marketing strategies and provides a unique business solution to them. In addition to that Karia Developers wanted to have a leadership position in residential projects, luxury segments in affordable prices accompanied by commercial segment and this is where ROW helped them to reach out to right target segment and selling properties for Karia.Following activities were the part of digital marketing activities done by ROW team:

o Created an online website for Karia developers to create an online brand identity which helped to increase the brand awareness as well as customer acquisition. With the use of creative graphics and smooth GUI, the website was easy to explore and quite understandable to new users.

o Developed a creative video that shows the benefits of investing in Wagholi projects and Konark project that had a good connect with the targeted consumers.Photos of interior and amenities

o SEO and PPC campaigns to drive the most traffic to content oriented sites for better Wagholi and Konark developers under the legacy of Karia Developers to increase the leads by using innovative campaigns that generate more qualified or potential traffic.

o Moreover work on adding more ad copies to do A/B testing to decrease overall CPC. Campaigns were carried out at different places like airport and shopping malls.

o Launch contextual keyword campaigns to generate potential traffic through Google Display Network.

o Creation of Karia developers LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Blogger Profiles to increase the visibility on the social media platforms. It was coupled with photos and testimonials that touched the hearts of real time consumers and met the increasing demand.

o Target email and mobile marketing at Pune & other databases for projects with Prelaunch or Post launch campaigns that talks about natural beauty to users and helps to connect with them.

o Research-based guidance to create site content that turned visitors into leads.

o More exposure for listings with automatic listing syndication & SEO. Also developing aggressive pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that would combat the competition through a systematic approach of designing keywords and ads based on the brand, region, qualifiers, amenities and general interest.

o Promote new commercial projects like ICON Avenue, Avenue 9 and luxury properties like Bella visitor.

Digital Campaign Outreach

o Karia Developers real estate market today is buoyant and inviting. Upcoming projects like better Wagholi would be changing the dynamics of the city as it may give increased floor space index (FSI) in the nearby areas, thus increasing the demand. ROW team helped to create a magnificent online image of Karia developers with the facts listed below:

o Helped to increase the traffic of website of karia developers from 1001 to 3879. Same was the scenario for Better Wagholi and Konark websites too.

o Increase in monthly clicks of Better Wagholi and Konark PPC campaigns that increased by 3X in consecutive months. The PPC ads have got 2nd largest Impression share above 99acres and housing

o 4x more opportunities to have your listings found through different keywords search on Google.

o Increase in monthly organic likes of Karia developers Facebook page that almost increased by 25% every month.

o Gained more visibility for different projects of Konark, Better Wagholi and Karia developer. Also improved their keyword ranking by 42%.

o Gave a tough competition of the existing competitors and helped to increase the number of back links that was around 7,635.

o Now the Facebook page of Karia developers ranks 6th in Pune with total likes of 11,393 and has 2nd highest market share amongst different competitors in Pune.

o As a part of PPC campaign display marketing techniques through different platforms like banner ads, contextual website and mobile website created a deep impact on targeted customers.

o These strategic marketing techniques by ReturnOnWeb helped to redefine the online image of karia developers as a visionary in the marketplace.