Return Is... increase in overall sales of DogSpot to generate ROI that almost touched to 800%

The Client

Pet care continues to record substantial growth as it is still in a nascent stage in India. However, more households are expected to own a pet, especially in metro cities in coming years. The exponential rise of pet ownership in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bengaluru, the Indian pet care industry is the fastest growing pet care industry globally.

There is an increase in awareness among pet owners regarding the usage of branded pet care products and pet nutritional requirements and same trend can noticed online with every major online retailer and specialist online retailer running to cater to this ever growing need.

The global pet care market has breached the USD 100 billion mark in 2014 with the US alone contributing to USD 58.04 billion. With over four million dogs, the Indian pet care market is pegged at over USD 1.22 billion with an annual growth rate of over 35 per cent.

Since many pet lovers wants to know more and be educated about their pets but there are limited Websites offering them the information they needed, DogSpot aspires to solve problems in the pet world, by aggregating and organizing information, bridging gaps and hence bringing the community closer. It prompted Mr. Rana Atheya, CEO - to start as a community website in 2007 which eventually became an eCommerce portal in 2011.

Digital Campaign Objectives

o Since DogSpot is the largest eCommerce portal for pet care products in the country and one with maximum content for pet owners, it had many issues regarding its existence and wanted to spread awareness through digital medium.

o Moreover, the eCommerce website – is considered as a niche market that contained unique categories of pets, food for respective pet and other miscellaneous items, the DogSpot team wanted to generate more leads and increase the number of sales though their official eCommerce website Due to the high market competition the team wanted to optimize its presence through rigorous digital marketing practices and implementing impulsive principles concerning digital marketing in order to achieve a better online visibility, user engagement and ease of communication through their official website, social networking and improvising the content.

o Here is the point where ReturnOnWeb comes into picture for developing enhanced approach to market services through various digital marketing platforms that will continue to be the drift in the forthcoming era and target the peak of stack in the year 2016.


o Having a conscientious team of digital marketers, ReturnOnWeb provided incomparable digital marketing solutions for enhancing the digital penetration of DogSpot through various techniques. Considering the trend on Indian market, DogSpot came under the umbrella of niche market. Owing to the fact that something innovative had to be done, ROW mainly focused on SEO – Search engine optimization through organic and inorganic search which brought DogSpot’s name in the top results of Google search.

o Moreover ROW ran a PPC campaign that introduced merchant ads of DogSpot on top eCommerce website of India like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. ROW also worked for the content marketing and SMM – Social media marketing that focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience, engaging them to explore different services & products of DogSpot.

Digital Campaign Outreach

o The proper coordination and team work, ROW managed to prove their worth that helped to advertise the display ads on ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc and gave outstanding results through proper planning of content strategy. The rank of their website when upto 5061 with 85% traffic coming from India and total visits were almost 441.7K

o ROW helped in to increase to overall sales of DogSpot to generate a ROI that almost touched to 1000% which was like touching the skies in one go.

o With continuous team effort and utilizing their expertise, ROW managed to reduce the bounce rate of DogSpot from 60% to less than 30% which was considerably good in terms of masses trying to access the ecommerce website. The SEO strategy helped DogSpot to come in top 95% keywords of google search and strengthen their presence in top pages of google search results. Also, through the different campaigns and strategies DogSpot was highlighted on different social media platforms like Facebook - 192,837 likes, Twitter – 2,431 followers, Instagram - 5,562 followers and so on.