Hotel Atharva

Hotel Atharva

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The Client

Established on 2015, Hotel Atharva known for its classiness and efficient services has served millions of people and has established its name with corporate, business, family, foreign & domestic customers. Keeping a check on it valued loyal customers; the high class admirable hotel has offered valuable service to various people in India. They provide smart, clean and safe hospitality offerings by adopting.

They sought to carefully build their dynamic image to suit the interests of their core customers and to ensure their identity and standards are represented at each property.

Digital Campaign Objectives

In order to stay ahead of the intense competition in the hospitality industry, Hotel Atharva needed to utilize their customer data to make better marketing decisions and support the development of resorts and hotel in the locations best suited to their customers.

o The increase in competition was a direct hit to their brand equity, which resulted in a loss of brand awareness and generation of new leads.

o Hotel Atharva wanted to reach out to global audience coming to this KumbhMela and give a tough competition to other players in the market and then comes ROW into picture making the Atharva campaign successful.

o Few challenges that were taken into consideration are as follows:

o Build online brand awareness of website and increase the traffic on it.

o To increase the visibility of the website among online users.

o To make it appear on the search engines and get the bookings for their newly opened hotel in Ujjain.

o To showcase its online presence and do branding. Also increase online market share against larger and established hotel brands.


After a careful analysis, ROW team has implemented few campaigns which mainly focus on developing separate landing page to run the PPC campaign. Reach the target audience via paid promotion on google search and google display network.

o Through a comprehensive SEO strategy, which included a focus on targeted, high-traffic keywords, engaging content and strengthened link building, the Inn was able to immediately experience a surge in organic search results.

oNew add-on, different bidding and keywords strategies were implemented to get the potential leads. Also Ads were scheduled in different timings of the day to get the qualified leads.

o Our creative team designed several banner ads for the hotel to increase visibility, reengage previous visitors and encourage interaction.

o Working directly and analysing the scenario, team ROW crafted a strategy that would increase their visibility for strategic keyword phrases.

Digital Campaign Outreach

o Hotel Atharva was able to profile their best customers and use the profile to guide their target marketing and sales efforts to reach the market segments most inclined to stay at their hotels and resorts.

o ROW helped Hotel Atharva to drive more direct revenue through campaigns and optimization of search engine.

o Increased click through rate by 7.25% in search campaigns

o Conversion rate of 6.16% achieved in two months time span.

o Hotel Atharva also used the profile to support their expansion efforts, picking a new location with the most appeal to their target customers.

o Increase in website traffic by 110% in the two months of the campaign.

o Increased the site re-visits by 23%.

o Got 310018 impressions in the period of two months