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The Client

Starting their first center at Pune in 2005, there are different chains of Abs that are considered to be the fastest growing fitness gym chain in Maharashtra with over 12 clubs spread in Western Part of India. Abs that is mainly based on trust, integrity, honesty coupled with the caring nature and passion for amplifying the idea personal fitness into minds of people. Their trendy facilities are designed to attract the high-end health club set with investment costs for a traditional full-service health club.

Whether the goals is to burn fat, tone or build strength, only Abs fitness and wellness club has the ambience and experience people need.

Digital Campaign Objectives

Whatever challenges an organisation faces in terms business, only concerned and trained professionals can come up with a business solution that will exceed your expectations. They provide real-life examples of various policies in practice, the different styles of management that are available, and how they adapt to meet the needs of our clients

o One such similar challenge was faced by Abs fitness and wellness club as they wanted to make some serious improvements to their online marketing strategy and develop a mobile app

o While they had a fairly decent online following they lacked any real rankings for the various services they offered and had an official website that was difficult to explore and was not leading to as many conversions as they liked

o Gymnasiums are really mini communities, so the team always help to try and showcase what your community is like through their website and mobile app. Still, before you can do that you all have to actually get people to come to their website and use their dynamic mobile app. luckily they called ReturnOnWeb and achieved their goals.

o ReturnOnWeb provided digital marketing solutions for SMM, SEO, PPC strategies, made some changes on their corporate website and developed an attractive mobile app.

o All the content on their web pages were having few keyword and provided no chance for the search engines to fetch the website on top results of any search engine. Moreover they didnot have any sufficient user-experience as the thin content lacked substance and call-to-actions. Also, the fitness club had a strong social following that they were not taking advantage of.


The first step ReturnOnWeb took was to develop Abs official website. After a careful analysis and survey we noticed that a good gym website includes these five must-have elements:

o Address and contact info

o Photos of interior and amenities

o Offerings and membership packages

o Testimonials

o We included new content including text, pictures and videos and help optimizing their website and converting potential clients into new members and existing members into more lucrative clients.

o Each social media platform has a different type of audience and the information is consumed differently as well. Using this strategy, ROW increased the fan following of Abs on their Facebook page which has touched almost 17,670 likes and has a great response from local as well as audience from different areas of Maharashtra.

o Also, through organic search and SEO techniques, ROW helped them to increase the traffic on their website as well as Facebook page and implementation of a consistent blogging strategy targeting specific keywords. ROW conducted different contest and polls over different centers in Pune and spread brand awareness among people through various fitness programs.

o It helped engaging members and non members to participate in social media campaigns via Facebook and Twitter.

o With understanding of the mobile app requirements, ROW's mobile design team started to iterate on the application flow and was able to quickly build a mobile app that provided scalability to expand the support of new users for Abs.

o As experts in the field, Abs trusted our judgment and gave us the flexibility to do whatever we could to make the app appealing, useful and user-friendly. Reviews tell, that app was very user friendly and had an appropriate GUI.

o As we are managing the backend also, we used analytics to check the metrics on how many people have downloaded and currently using it. The app tracks user presence on the app - login details, screens accessed, what was done, etc.

o Also, ROW constantly strived to create highly visual content for the Abs social media sites so that Abs can increase engagement, brand awareness as well as referral traffic to the sites.

Digital Campaign Outreach

o In Few Days ReturnOnWeb Was Able To Get The Abs Fitness And Wellness Club To Rank For All Of Its Key Terms By Providing A Better Experience For Users And Helping The Search Engines To Identify The Business For All Of Its Offerings.

o As a result, different clubs of Abs across various cities were able to increase their online awareness for its major group fitness classes and its personal training offerings.

o Abs as a brand was able to gear up for the next few months of prepping the site for converting the new leads into members